Small Choices, Big Changes, Sarah Pachter’s new book explores timeless Torah teachings about happiness, success, relationships and parenting. Click here to order.


Sarah Pachter is a dynamic, motivational speaker who has lectured throughout the US and Israel, currently residing in Los Angeles with her husband and children. For the past thirteen years Sarah has passionately taught women of all ages and levels of Jewish observance, drawing in large crowds with her innovative and personal touch. In addition to lecturing for many organizations, schools, and synagogues, she is a Kallah teacher, dating coach, and mentor. Sarah runs growth groups in private homes and meets with individuals for one-on-one private sessions.

Sarah has been featured on the Radio, is a regular columnist, and a freelance writer for the Jewish Press, and the Jewish Home as well as many other publications. She has authored Small Choices Big Changes published by Targum Press.

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HANOCH TELLER award winning author and producer

The precious essays in this enchanting collection, written with a rare felicity of style, illustrate how even the tiniest acts and insights can have far-reaching ramifications. Ultimately, isn’t this what we all seek; to change and to improve? Small Choices, Big Changes is a game changer. Join me in begging Sarah Pachter to keep on writing! 


Sarah Pachter writes with keen insight into the flaws, foibles, and frailties that are such an inherent part of the human condition. She does so with warmth and common-sense wisdom gleaned from her own life experiences and, more important, a timeless spiritual tradition. Characterized by gentle humor, revealing anecdotes, and easily applicable suggestions, her words speak to the heart and the head and leave readers with a better understanding of the everyday relationships that define all of our lives. It is my hope and prayer that Sarah’s new book reaches a vast audience so that it can work its magic with readers of all backgrounds and stations in life. 

Jason Maoz Senior Editor The Jewish Press



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